Asymptotic Safety

The following pages are meant as an informal introduction to asymptotic safety and as a guide to the literature.


The Asymptotic Safety FAQs   
a collection of questions and answers that should give you some idea of the current state of the subject
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Asymptotic Safety bibliography
a relatively complete annotated bibliography on the subject, in roughly chronological order, including a list of papers on closely related arguments.

The AS seminars

Relevant conferences

Renormalization group approaches to quantum gravity Perimeter Institute, april 22-25, 2014

ERG 2014, Lefkada september 22-26, 2014

Probing the Fundamental Nature of Spacetime with the Renormalization Group, NORDITA, Stockholm, March 22 - 28, 2015


Dario Benedetti, Pedro Machado and Frank Saueressig,
Perimeter Institute, 11/2009

Daniel Litim, myself, Carlo Pagani, Pointe de l'Observatoire,
Aussois (ERG 2012) 09/2012
Daniel Litim, Astrid Eichhorn, Alfio Bonanno, 
Perimeter Institute, 10/2012
Martin Reuter, myself, Daniele Oriti,
Dario Benedetti,
University of Waterloo,

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The Quantum Theory of Fields: Effective or Fundamental? A talk by Steven Weinberg at CERN, July 7, 2009

Talk by M. Shaposhnikov at "Why m_H=126 GeV?"

The workshop Asymptotic Safety - 30 Years Later was held at the Perimeter Institute on November 5 8, 2009. Full video coverage is available here.

Gravity at high energy A talk by Steven Weinberg at Strings 2010


An article in New Scientist

Auf dem Weg zur Quantengravitation - by K. Kiefer (Spektrum der Wissenschaften)

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