The Asymptotic Safety seminars...


...have been promoted and are organized by Astrid Eichhorn. There is no fixed schedule: a seminar is convened when a speaker is available. In order to participate, either as a listener or as a speaker, please send an email to Astrid at the address given here. The seminar is held as a Skype audio group call. Video is not used. The speaker sends in advance the slides to the participants.

Technical notes.

The calls are started from the Perimeter Institute asymptotic safety account. If you want to be included in the call please be visibly online a few minutes before the seminar starts and wait for the PI call.

For listeners. Please make sure that the PI account is in your contacts list before the seminar starts. Also please be online a few minutes before the seminar starts, out of courtesy to the speaker. Most importantly: to avoid local noises being heard by everyone, keep the microphone muted, using the appropriate button in the call window (there is no need to physically unplug the microphone). Un-mute the microphone only if you want to ask a question.

Stefan Rechenberger's online AS seminars calendar

Next AS seminars

26/06/2016 Tobias Henz


23/05/2016 Aaron Held "Quantum-gravity e ffects on a Higgs-Yukawa model"
16/05/2016 Zoe Slade "Background Independence in a Background Dependent Renormalization Group"
02/05/2016 Benjamin Knorr "On the two-loop counterterm in Quantum Gravity"
14/03/2016 Anthony Preston "Manifestly diffeomorphism invariant classical Exact Renormalization Group"

15/02/2016 Masatoshi Yamada "Non-minimal coupling and scalar massin Higgs-Yukawa model with asymptotic safe gravity"
01/02/2016 Manuel Reichert "Asymptotic safety of gravity-matter systems"
14/12/2015 David Mesterhazy "A renormalization group approach to multi-field models"
26/10/2015 Manuel Reichert
"Local Quantum Gravity"
19/10/2015 Zoe Slade "Solutions to the reconstruction problem in asymptotic safety"
12/10/2015 Stefan Lippoldt "Generalized Parametrization Dependence in Quantum Gravity"
05/10/2015 Alessia Platania "Asymptotically Safe inflation from quadratic gravity"

28/09/2015 Andreas Nink "Connections and geodesics in the space of metrics"
14/09/2015 Maximilian Demmel "A proper fixed functional for four-dimensional Quantum Einstein Gravity"
29/06/2015 Carlo Pagani "Quantum gravity with torsion and non-metricity"

13/04/2015 Benjamin Knorr "Global solutions of functional fixed point equation via pseudo-spectral methods"
09/03/2015 Gian Paolo Vacca "Asymptotic safety and scalar-tensor theories"

23/02/2015 Sandor Nagy "Asymptotic safety in the Sine-Gordon model"
16/02/2015 Stefan Lippoldt
"Global surpluses of spin-base invariant Fermions"
12/01/2015 Natalia Alkofer "Spectral dimension from the spectral action"

15/12/2015 Daniel Becker "Towards a C-function in quantum gravity"
08/12/2014 Ippocratis Saltas "Discussing the UV structure of quantum unimodular gravity"

17/11/2014 Christoph Rahmede "Further evidence for asymptotic safety of quantum gravity"
20/10/2014 Kevin Falls
"Asymptotic Safety and the cosmological constant"
30/06/2014 Daniel Becker "Asymptotic Safety & Background Independence"
23/06/2014 Ippocratis Saltas "Asymptotically safe Starobinsky inflation"
02/06/2014 Maximilian Demmel
"RG flows of Quantum Einstein Gravity on maximally symmetric spaces"

19/05/2014 Benjamin Knorr  "Global flows in quantum gravity"
14/04/2014 Bianca Dittrich "Coarse graining and renormalization: the bottom up approach"

10/02/2014 Juergen Dietz "The local potential approximation in the background field formalism"
03/02/2014 Filippo Guarnieri "One-loop renormalization in a toy model of Horava-Lifshitz gravity"
13/01/2014 Filippo Guarnieri "Brans-Dicke theory in the local potential approximation"

02/12/2013 Pietro Dona' "Matter matters in asymptotically safe gravity"
25/11/2013 Tim Koslowski "Asymptotically safe matrix models"
11/11/2013 Stefan Lippoldt "Fermions in gravity with local spin-base invariance"
04/11/2013 Adriano Contillo
"Renormalization group flow of Horava-Lifshitz gravity at low energies"
14/10/2013 Omar Zanusso "Perturbation theory and the functional renormalization group"

07/10/2013 John Donoghue,  "The effective field theory of general relativity and running couplings"
09/09/2013 Michael Scherer "An asymptotic safety scenario for gauged chiral Higgs-Yukawa models" 
02/09/2013 Benjamin Koch "Structural aspects of asymptotically safe black holes"

17/06/2013 Taotao Qiu "Higgs as curvaton in asymptotic safe gravity"
13/06/2013 Tobias Henz "Dilaton quantum gravity"
13/05/2013 Gianluca Calcagni "
Probing the quantum nature of spacetime by diffusion"
11/03/2013 Alfio Bonanno "Modulated ground state of gravity  theories with stabilized conformal factor"
25/02/2013 Konstantinos Nikolakopulos "A bootstrap towards asymptotic safety"
18/02/2013 Kevin Falls "A coarse-grained model of black hole thermodynamics"

11/02/2013 Juergen Dietz "Asymptotic safety in the f(R) approximation"
26/11/2012 Giulio d'Odorico "The renormalization group and Weyl invariance"
05/11/2012 Nicolai Christiansen "Fixed points and infrared completion of quantum gravity"
29/10/2012 Andreas Nink "On the physical mechanism underlying asymptotic safety"

15/10/2012 Pietro Dona' "Functional renormalization with fermions and tetrads"
09/07/2012 Alejandro Satz "Limit cycles and quantum gravity"
18/06/2012 Daniel Becker "Running boundary actions, Asymptotic Safety, and black hole thermodynamics"
11/06/2012 Dario Benedetti "The Local potential approximation in quantum gravity"
04/06/2012 Jan Pawlowski "The phase diagram of quantum gravity from diffeomorphism-invariant RG-flows"

23/04/2012 Ippocratis Saltas "f(R) gravity from the renormalisation group"
02/04/2012 Alfio Bonanno "An effective action for asymptotically safe gravity"

28/11/2011 Frank Saueressig "Fractal space-times under the microscope: a Renormalization Group view on Monte Carlo data"
21/11/2011 Adriano Contillo "Renormalisation group improvement of early times cosmology"
18/07/2011 Astrid Eichhorn "Light fermions in quantum gravity"
06/06/2011 Alberto Tonero "First steps toward an asymptotically safe model of electroweak interactions"
28/03/2011 Ulrich Harst "QEG Corrections in Yang-Mills-Theories and QED"
14/03/2011 Stefan Rechenberger"C
ausal RG equation for Quantum Einstein Gravity"