The Asymptotic Safety seminars...


...have been promoted and are organized by Astrid Eichhorn. There is no fixed schedule: a seminar is convened when a speaker is available. In order to participate, either as a listener or as a speaker, please send an email to Astrid at the address given here. The seminar is held as a Skype audio group call. Video is not used. The speaker sends in advance the slides to the participants.

Technical notes.

The calls are started from a fixed "asymptotic safety" account. If you want to be included in the call please be visibly online a few minutes before the seminar starts and wait for the PI call.

For listeners. Please be online a few minutes before the seminar starts, out of courtesy to the speaker. Most importantly: to avoid local noises being heard by everyone, keep the microphone muted, using the appropriate button in the call window (there is no need to physically unplug the microphone). Un-mute the microphone only if you want to ask a question.

Next AS seminars


06/04/2020 Frank Saueressig "Spectroscopy of the Reuter Fixed Point from the composite operator formalism"
23/03/2020 Yu Hamada "Scalegenesis and fermionic dark matters in the flatland scenario"
09/03/2020 Bertrand Delamotte "Convergence of the derivative expansion and results at order 6"
13/01/2020 Tom Steudtner "
Exact asymptotic safety: new solutions and large-N equivalences"
11/11/2019 Gustavo Pazzini de Brito "A link that matters: Towards phenomenological constraints on quantum gravity models"

04/11/2019 Axel Maas "The Fröhlich-Morchio-Strocchi Mechanism and Quantum Gravity"
21/10/2019 Peter Millington "Exact flow equations from the regulator-sourced 2PI effective action"
08/07/2019 Frank Saueressig "Form Factors in Asymptotic Safety"
27/05/2019 Masatoshi Yamada "Higgs scalar potential in asymptotically safe quantum gravity"
04/03/2019: Tim Morris: "Trace anomaly and infrared cutoffs"
18/02/2019: Maximilian Becker: "Geometric Operators in Asymptotic Safety"
Benjamin Knorr: "RG flow with a covariant foliation"
21/01/2019 Jan Kwapisz: "Asymptotic safety and Conformal Standard Model"
17/12/2018 Senarath De Alwis "Exact RG equations, Quantum Gravity and Ghosts"
03/12/2018 Dine Ousmane Samary "Progress in the solving nonperturbative renormalization group for tensorial group field theory"
19/11/2018 Johannes Lumma "Towards background independent quantum gravity with tensor models"
05/11/2018 Marc Schiffer "How perturbative is quantum gravity?"

22/10/2018 Giulia Gubitosi and Chris Ripken "Consistent early and late time cosmology from the RG flow of gravity"
15/10/2018 Carlos Nieto "Searching for asymptotically safe extensions of the standard model"
01/10/2018 Gustavo Pazzini de Brito "Asymptotic Safety and field parametrization dependence in the f(R) truncation"

23/07/2018 Gabriele Gionti "Hamiltonian Analysis of Asymptotically Safe Gravity"
28/05/2018 Manuel Reichert: "Effective universality in quantum gravity"
14/05/2018 Benjamin Knorr: "Towards reconstructing the quantum effective action of gravity
30/04/2018 Vedran Skrinjar: "Safe and free instantons"
16/04/2018 Riccardo Martini: "A curvature bound from gravitational catalysis"
26/03/2018 Johannes Lumma: "Quantum gravity fluctuations flatten the Planck-scale Higgs-potential"
19/03/2018 Frank Saueressig "Asymptotically safe f(R)-gravity coupled to matter I: the polynomial case" - part1 - part2

12/03/2018 Rodrigo de León Ardón "The path integral of unimodular gravity"
15/01/2018 Fleur Versteegen "Upper bound on the abelian gauge coupling from asymptotic safety"
18/12/2017 Manuel Reichert "One force to rule them all: Asymptotic safety of gravity with matter"

04/12/2017 Vedran Skrinjar "Induced scalar interactions in quantum gravity"
30/10/2017 Chris Ripken "Catching ghosts - on avoiding Ostrogradski instabilities within asymptotic safety"
23/10/2017 Stefan Lippoldt "Correlation functions on a curved background"
02/10/2017 Aaron Held "Compatibility of quantum gravity and a UV-complete Standard Model"
24/04/2017 Tobias Denz "Towards apparent convergence in asymptotically safe quantum gravity"
03/04/2017 Kevin Falls "Physical renormalization schemes and asymptotic safety in quantum gravity"
20/03/2017 Nicolai Christiansen "The Interplay of Quantum Gravity and Gauge Theories"
14/11/2016 Tim Morris "Large curvature in single-metric approximations (a conundrum and its solution)"
24/10/2016 Alessia Platania "Quantum gravity on foliated spacetime: asymptotically safe and sound"
23/05/2016 Aaron Held "Quantum-gravity e ffects on a Higgs-Yukawa model"
16/05/2016 Zoe Slade "Background Independence in a Background Dependent Renormalization Group"
02/05/2016 Benjamin Knorr "On the two-loop counterterm in Quantum Gravity"
14/03/2016 Anthony Preston "Manifestly diffeomorphism invariant classical Exact Renormalization Group"

15/02/2016 Masatoshi Yamada "Non-minimal coupling and scalar massin Higgs-Yukawa model with asymptotic safe gravity"
01/02/2016 Manuel Reichert "Asymptotic safety of gravity-matter systems"
14/12/2015 David Mesterhazy "A renormalization group approach to multi-field models"
26/10/2015 Manuel Reichert
"Local Quantum Gravity"
19/10/2015 Zoe Slade "Solutions to the reconstruction problem in asymptotic safety"
12/10/2015 Stefan Lippoldt "Generalized Parametrization Dependence in Quantum Gravity"
05/10/2015 Alessia Platania "Asymptotically Safe inflation from quadratic gravity"

28/09/2015 Andreas Nink "Connections and geodesics in the space of metrics"
14/09/2015 Maximilian Demmel "A proper fixed functional for four-dimensional Quantum Einstein Gravity"
29/06/2015 Carlo Pagani "Quantum gravity with torsion and non-metricity"

13/04/2015 Benjamin Knorr "Global solutions of functional fixed point equation via pseudo-spectral methods"
09/03/2015 Gian Paolo Vacca "Asymptotic safety and scalar-tensor theories"

23/02/2015 Sandor Nagy "Asymptotic safety in the Sine-Gordon model"
16/02/2015 Stefan Lippoldt
"Global surpluses of spin-base invariant Fermions"
12/01/2015 Natalia Alkofer "Spectral dimension from the spectral action"

15/12/2015 Daniel Becker "Towards a C-function in quantum gravity"
08/12/2014 Ippocratis Saltas "Discussing the UV structure of quantum unimodular gravity"

17/11/2014 Christoph Rahmede "Further evidence for asymptotic safety of quantum gravity"
20/10/2014 Kevin Falls
"Asymptotic Safety and the cosmological constant"
30/06/2014 Daniel Becker "Asymptotic Safety & Background Independence"
23/06/2014 Ippocratis Saltas "Asymptotically safe Starobinsky inflation"
02/06/2014 Maximilian Demmel
"RG flows of Quantum Einstein Gravity on maximally symmetric spaces"

19/05/2014 Benjamin Knorr  "Global flows in quantum gravity"
14/04/2014 Bianca Dittrich "Coarse graining and renormalization: the bottom up approach"

10/02/2014 Juergen Dietz "The local potential approximation in the background field formalism"
03/02/2014 Filippo Guarnieri "One-loop renormalization in a toy model of Horava-Lifshitz gravity"
13/01/2014 Filippo Guarnieri "Brans-Dicke theory in the local potential approximation"

02/12/2013 Pietro Dona' "Matter matters in asymptotically safe gravity"
25/11/2013 Tim Koslowski "Asymptotically safe matrix models"
11/11/2013 Stefan Lippoldt "Fermions in gravity with local spin-base invariance"
04/11/2013 Adriano Contillo
"Renormalization group flow of Horava-Lifshitz gravity at low energies"
14/10/2013 Omar Zanusso "Perturbation theory and the functional renormalization group"

07/10/2013 John Donoghue,  "The effective field theory of general relativity and running couplings"
09/09/2013 Michael Scherer "An asymptotic safety scenario for gauged chiral Higgs-Yukawa models" 
02/09/2013 Benjamin Koch "Structural aspects of asymptotically safe black holes"

17/06/2013 Taotao Qiu "Higgs as curvaton in asymptotic safe gravity"
13/06/2013 Tobias Henz "Dilaton quantum gravity"
13/05/2013 Gianluca Calcagni "
Probing the quantum nature of spacetime by diffusion"
11/03/2013 Alfio Bonanno "Modulated ground state of gravity  theories with stabilized conformal factor"
25/02/2013 Konstantinos Nikolakopulos "A bootstrap towards asymptotic safety"
18/02/2013 Kevin Falls "A coarse-grained model of black hole thermodynamics"

11/02/2013 Juergen Dietz "Asymptotic safety in the f(R) approximation"
26/11/2012 Giulio d'Odorico "The renormalization group and Weyl invariance"
05/11/2012 Nicolai Christiansen "Fixed points and infrared completion of quantum gravity"
29/10/2012 Andreas Nink "On the physical mechanism underlying asymptotic safety"

15/10/2012 Pietro Dona' "Functional renormalization with fermions and tetrads"
09/07/2012 Alejandro Satz "Limit cycles and quantum gravity"
18/06/2012 Daniel Becker "Running boundary actions, Asymptotic Safety, and black hole thermodynamics"
11/06/2012 Dario Benedetti "The Local potential approximation in quantum gravity"
04/06/2012 Jan Pawlowski "The phase diagram of quantum gravity from diffeomorphism-invariant RG-flows"

23/04/2012 Ippocratis Saltas "f(R) gravity from the renormalisation group"
02/04/2012 Alfio Bonanno "An effective action for asymptotically safe gravity"

28/11/2011 Frank Saueressig "Fractal space-times under the microscope: a Renormalization Group view on Monte Carlo data"
21/11/2011 Adriano Contillo "Renormalisation group improvement of early times cosmology"
18/07/2011 Astrid Eichhorn "Light fermions in quantum gravity"
06/06/2011 Alberto Tonero "First steps toward an asymptotically safe model of electroweak interactions"
28/03/2011 Ulrich Harst "QEG Corrections in Yang-Mills-Theories and QED"
14/03/2011 Stefan Rechenberger"C
ausal RG equation for Quantum Einstein Gravity"